The precast reinforced concrete element named Box-Culvert which corresponds to closed buried boxes are usually used in the realization of technical galleries and hydraulic conducts, as well as in the construction of underpasses and agricultural passes for vehicles passages.

Box-Culverts are self-supporting infra-structures of rectangular hollow section, which can be constructed by monolithic parts or by two overlapping parts. By being coupled to each other they allow the execution with fastness passes for animals, underpasses, hydraulic lines, drainage systems and service galleries (electricity, water, gas,telecommunication, etc). They are characterized for its performance and resistance ensuring a longer shelf life.

The versatility of these structures becomes even more an option where strength, durability and economy are of dominant importance

The use of it presents substantial advantages against other solutions, for example:

•The adaptability to construction needs in section, landfill heights, overloads, etc;

•Speed of execution and entry in service, therefore cost reduction;

•Working and security conditions improvement due to speed and simplicity of the mounting procedures;

•Greater durability due to quality control related to its production;

•Product with CE marking in compliance with EN 14844:2006 + A2:2011;


The connection between modules is done by type tongue and groove joint, with fexible or rigid joint according to filling and sealing materials to be employed.

With a full series of Box-Culvert, which goes from section 1,00x0,50 m2 to the maximum standard of 5,00x5,00 m2, together with a specialized technical body, which makes the study case by case, Farcimar is able to answer in more speci?c and variable situations, where such products are usually applied.

In other words, Farcimar has the capacity to dimension and to produce structures in order to comply with the application requirements and specific load conditions.


The checking for limit conditions is made by using calculation software internally developed and properly tested, being adopted the combinations provided in the existing legislation.

The calculations obey what was defined by the customer / base project and take into account the use conditions, mainly height landfilling and overload associated.


•Compressive strength class - C30/37;
•Full dimension of Inert - 22mm;
•Concrete consistency - S1;
•Chloride levels - Cl 0.10 (Cl- < 0.10 % by coloured cement);
•Exposition – according to legal requirements;

•Rebar and electro-welded mesh A500 NRSD and/or A500 ER Rebar Cover – according to Exposition Class.


Farcimar has versatile productive systems, which is translated in an enormous capacity to produce elements with almost any section, when technically feasible.

There are two types of productive procedures which FARCIMAR provides for the production of Box-Culvert, whether they are monolithically parts or the solution of two parts type “U” overlapped.

The ?rst are produced by automatic moulding in a procedure very similar to the one used in the production of pipes. These monolithic parts stay with a rough ?nish resulting from the immediate demoulding still with fresh concrete, only possible due to the powerful vibrations induced by the equipment used, allowing the obtaining of parts of high resistance and accuracy.

On the other hand, parts type “U” are produced in a procedure that we call manual moulding, in moulds of high strength, allowing the obtaining of parts with high quality and accuracy, presenting a very smooth surface being the connection between di?erent inferior and superior parts controlled and guaranteed by a system of tongue and groove joint.


After the implementation of the harmonized rules of reference and subsequent audit from the SGS audit team, in the beginning of 2010 was assigned to FARCIMAR the CE Marking Certi?cate on factory production control of Box-Culverts complying with the requirements under the Harmonized Rules EN 14844:2006+A2:2011.

The dimensioning, the production and control of the precast elements complying with the harmonized rules, associated to
versatility and strength of the productive equipments, handled by experienced operational teams, allow the obtaining of parts with high quality and accuracy with the maximum of profitability.


When desired, besides the Box-Culvert Project and precast elements shipped, Farcimar may also undertake its mounting on site and assume the realization of a support base and the sealing of the joints between elements.

The process of application on site of a concrete precast Box-Culvert, as mentioned before, which may also be assumed by Farcimar consists mainly in the following steps:

•Trench Opening and depth con?rmation;
•Preparation of the base usually in low capacity regular concrete;
•Application of the concrete elements with a Auto-Crane (daily earnings very high but variable according to the section of Boxculverts and the dimension if the parts);
•Sealing of joints according to the established;
•Implementation of the drainage systems established and land?ll sides and tops.


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