There are two types of cladding panels which FARCIMAR manufactures and sells the Simple Panels in reinforced concrete and the Sandwich Panels with incorporated thermal insulation.

The reinforced concrete panels may be produced with diferent dimensions and thickness, although the most common thickness is 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20cm, depending on the customers/projects requirements and the specific structural dimensioning.

The sandwich panels with incorporated thermal insulation may also be produced with diferent dimensions and thickness, although, in this case, beyond the customers/projects requirements and the onesfrom the specific structural dimensioning it should be considered the desired thermal conditions to define the final thickness of panels.

In this case and once the panel is provided with an external and interior panel, both in reinforced concrete involving a panel of insulating material (usually in expanded polypropylene) the ?nal thickness corresponds to the sum of the di?erent thickness of these three “layers”.

One of the major advantages of using the precast concrete panels in facades of buildings whether they are commercial, industrial or residential, is the speed of execution. It is a system that allows a great productivity; consequently it reduces the delivery dates of work and optimizes the costs.

As it is a system totally industrialized of modern technology, it is possible to ensure dimensional accuracy and finishing correctness, allowing the application of functional solutions, concerning the term acoustic insulation and leak tightness, ensuring an excellent performance and durability. The quality and durability of panels provide very low maintenance costs.

The dimensioning and study of cladding panels are properly de?ned by fixating systems to adopt according to the structure of work and particular requirements, being usually used standard metal connections and properly approved. In the de?nition of the fixating systems it is also observed the need of speed and ease of mounting ensuring safety in the whole process.


•Compressive strength class – C25/30;
•Full dimension of Inert – 22mm;
•Concrete consistency – S1;
•Chloride levels – Cl 0.10 (Cl- < 0.10 % by coloured cement);
•Exposition – according to legal requirements;;

•Rebar and electro-welded mesh A500 NRSD and/or A500 ER

Rebar Cover – according to Exposition.

Thermal insulation
Expanded polystyrene or other.


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