It starts being usual to construct graves using concrete precast elements on the appreciated advantages such as speed of mounting and dificult finishings hardly achieving by other solutions, with positive effects on the final costs of the work.

Farcimar developed a concrete reinforced precast solution for the execution of graves in a very fast, economic and high perfection way.

The solution consists of modules in reinforced concrete which can be used individually or in sets of two, being overlapped in order to form the body of the grave – one on top and the other on the base. It also includes a set of covers in reinforced concrete which are placed in the upper part of the base of the module in order to divide the grave into two parts or placed on the upper part of the top of the module making the ending of the grave. It also has the possibility to include a precast part for the bottom of the grave.

The modules have standard interior dimensions of 2,28×0,80m2 comprising 2,30m of height, which may be produced modules from di?erent heights.

In addition, Farcimar developed solutions also in precast concrete for the execution of ossuaries, presenting geometries 0,47×0,47×0,86m, having still the possibility to adjust according to specific needs.

The application of these systems resumes to a simple mounting work of the various parts which are processed very rapidly.  is speed in connection with the facility of execution, allow the mounting of several sets per day which is translated on a higher economy of costs.

Another advantage of such solutions is the versatility, as mentioned before; it can rather easily adjust some dimensions obtaining the desired modulations.

Farcimar also developed a set of elements for the construction of recesses for cemeteries, comprising two types of modules, which being coupled, forming a recess in the desired dimensions. The modules present an interior section of 0,69 m height and 0,69 m height with a length of 2 m.


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