Farcimar studied and developed a constructive solution using precast concrete panels which allow, in a fast and economic way, the execution of several building works, giving rise to structural panels which allow executing reinforced walls for infra-structures and superstructures, retaining walls, staircases and elevators, etc.

It consists on a construction system of retaining walls with shuttering, provided with:

• Two panels in precast reinforced concrete;
• Metal connectors or in glass fibre without thermal conductivity to connect the two panels;
• Panel of thermal insulation (applied only in situations where it is desired to improve the thermal insulation characteristics);
• Opening between the two panels created according to the size of the reinforced concrete to be applied in site.

With the increasing in productivity and reduction in general costs of the work the structural panels react perfectly to the evolution of projects and to the market, by being differentiated by the following aspects:

• The speed of application;
• The quality in the finishing of faces and the precision in mounting of precast elements;
• The lightness of panels which may reach large dimensions;
• Continuity of the structural elements (whether between precast elements or concreted “in situ”);
• Flexibility of usage: structural or not, applied in seismic zones, adaptability to the needs of the work, property limitations, excavation reduction, reduced action spaces;
• Reduction of labour and of material needs;
• Environment friendly: noise reduction, work wastes reduction, etc;
• Security: precast elements with properly accessories of elevation which ensure an effi cient and safety handling, whether at work, or in loading, unloading and mounting at place;
• Removal of thermal bridges: if used panel of thermal insulation and connectors in glass fibre without thermal conductivity is possible to obtain a building with high thermal comfort.

Its production procedure has three stages:

1.  e first panel is produced horizontally in a vibrating titling table with the applied connectors;
2.  e second panel is also produced horizontally in a vibrating titling table;
3. About this one, still with fresh concrete is applied the first one with a few time of curing and already turned staying in cure keeping the distance between the two panels.


• Compressive strength class – C25/30;
• Full dimension of Inert – 22mm;
• Concrete consistency – S1;
• Chloride levels – Cl 0.10 (Cl- < 0.10 % by coloured cement);
• Exposition – according to legal requirements;;

• Rebar and electro-welded mesh A500 NRSD and/or A500 ER

Rebar Cover – according to Exposition.

Thermal insulation

Expanded polystyrene or other.


The checking for limit conditions is made by using calculation software internally developed and properly tested, being adopted the combinations provided in the existing legislation.

The calculations obey what was defined by the customer / base project and take into account the typology of use, but concerning the definition of the section of each panel; are also taken into accountaspects as the loading capacity of the used equipments for mounting, the dimensional capacity of road transports, the fixating points as well as the desired thermal characteristics, in order to ensure the feasibility of the project in its different phases, production, transport and mounting, without demanding the aesthetical result and function of the work.


Since the perfection of finishing and the uniformity of the colour are aspects of great relevance in precast concrete panels in view of their use and consequent exposition, which they will have when applied at work, usually in facades, the demands in relation to the final quality of precast elements is very high.

To these products it is required a bigger severity in dimensions and finishing which can take the most varied textures and colours as the possibilities are enormous. Farcimar beyond the most common flat panels and of grey colour have already enough experience in the production of white concrete panels and in other colours by adding inorganic pigments in the concrete’s composition, of textured, polished and blasted since its technical body is prepared and available to study and to test any new challenge at this level.

The quality control of Farcimar is presented in the whole production process of concrete precast panels, starting with the correct selection of raw materials, going through the essays of control of concrete and other intermediate inspections, as well as the maintenance of the various equipments and accessories, until the final inspection of the finished product, ensuring the accomplishment of all required quality criteria.


Farcimar besides the execution of the project, production and transport might also assume the mounting of precast elements, adding an advantage for its customers.

The process of application on site of the concrete precast panels whether they are cladding or structural, as it was mentioned before, which may also be assumed by Farcimar, requires a reduced and disciplined team with a maximum of three workers and an autocrane as a mean of elevation of the panels depending on the work height, it may be required the choice of an elevation platform.
The mounting of the concrete precast panels comprises the following steps:

1. Preparation of the supporting base;

2. Insertion of panels;

3. Definitive fixation of panels to the structure (in case of cladding panels), shoring (in case of structure panels);

4. Sealing of joints;

5. Application of the armour provided in project and concreting of the entrance between panels (only in structural panels);

6. Treatment of joints;

7. Paintings and renderings if provided.


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