Due to the substantial increase of the environment noise produced by human activities, mainly due to means of transport, railways or aerial and industrial areas, it was necessary to create barriers between these locals and urban areas in order to ensure the commodity of its residents.

Therefore, in the nearby of these locals are place vertical barriers which interpose between the receiver / transmitter focus, aiming to reduce the noise achieving this last one.

Farcimar has developed several solutions with different materials, providing a range of products with a composition and geometry specially designed to reduce the environment noise levels.

There are two types of noise barriers manufactured and sold by Farcimar, the reflecting and absorbing noise barrier panels. On the one hand, the reflecting barriers are composed by a panel in reinforced concrete with finishing usually flat. On the other hand, the absorbing barriers are composed by a panel of structural concrete and another of porous concrete with absorbing capacity and “tooth” geometry increasing the performance, as it allows getting better the noise absorbing characteristics.

Farcimar, in view of increasing the noise absorption of absorbing barriers, has developed several compositions with alternative materials for the porous concrete panel.  erefore, it presents an innovative range ensuring the noise absorption requirements making its noise barriers even more effi cient:

• Concrete – Porous
• Concrete with expanded clay
• Concrete – Cork
• Concrete – Wood
The porous concrete absorbs part of the waves that form the noise and the ribs make the sound waves collide with them, jumping and changing orientation and direction, causing the partial destruction of sound waves, reducing then the environmental noise level.

The barriers produced by FARCIMAR comply with the standards EN 14388:2005 – Road traffic noise reducing devices – Specifications, being tested according to the standards EN 1793-2:1997 – Intrinsic Characteristics Of Airborne Sound Insulation and EN 1793-1:1997 – Intrinsic Characteristics Of Sound Absorption, in notified laboratory, the noise barriers of Farcimar present the following levels of absorption and noise insulation.

The noise barriers may be produced with different measures, being the maximum standard measures of 5,00X2,00m2. The noise barriers may be delivered in the natural colour of the concrete, pigmented or painted a posteriori, ensuring a greater regularity in the colour of the panel’s surface of the noise barriers.

When compared to other solutions the noise barriers in concrete of Farcimar present the following advantages:

• Good capacity for acoustic absorption, mainly in high frequency issued by light traffic.
• The concrete due to its mass it contains an excellent capacity of acoustic insulation;
• Structural durability and low future maintenance, hence, higher cost savings;
• Higher capacity of resilience when applied in environments chemically aggressive;
• Maintenance of the insulation and absorbent properties through time;
• Adaptation to landscape and architectonic needs of each area due to its aesthetic discrete aspect and the possibility to produce or paint in different colours;
• Its “tooth” finishing and porous gets harder the realization of graffi ti’s;
• High flexibility and adaptation to local conditions of the land;
• Expedite handling and mounting;
• Material of low environmental impact, recyclable and withoutwastes.


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