FARCIMAR recognizes that the prevention of labour risks and the improvement of working conditions are a challenge for the organization’s management for moral, ethical and legal imperatives.

FARCIMAR within its generalmanagement policy highlights and develops the aspects which define the working conditions in its productive unit, in order to fully preserve the safety and health of its collaborators, assuming them as its policy of health and safety at work.

FARCIMAR respects the general principles of prevention in diferent approaches of the whole productive cycle, creating and maintaining thus, a safety and healthy work environment for all collaborators and others. It also ensures the continuous qualification of all collaborators for the adequate performance of the respective functions, which together with the information and training based on risks for safety and on protection and preventing measures for the safety of all on the premises of FARCIMAR.

When considering safety, FARCIMAR goes further, giving special attention to the product’s safety as for its conception and use conditions, suitable and properly sized handling fittings are introduced.


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