FARCIMAR bears the CE Marking issues as an even more important bridge for the consolidation of its position in the precast market.

Being its responsibility to affi xthe CE Marking on its products, Farcimar makes the accession of the CE Marking on its products since 2007 highlighting thus their conformity with the community directives provisions applied to them.

The CE Marking is mandatory, only for products covered by the harmonization standards under the Construction Products Directive.

Thee Annex ZA makes part of these standards which identifies the clauses that give answer to the essential requirements supporting the CE Marking.

The products mentioned below are in accordance with the Annex ZA of the respective harmonization standards:

Concrete Pipes and Reinforced EN 1916 – Concrete pipes and fittings, unreinforced, steel fibre and reinforced Soakaway,

Cones and Precast Manhole Base Unit EN 1917 – Concrete manholes and inspection chambers, unreinforced, steel fibre and reinforced

Box – Culvert EN 14844 – (Box – Culverts) Precast concrete products

Retaining Walls EN 15258 – Precast concrete products - Retaining wall elements

Noise Barriers EN 14388 – Road trafic noise reducing devices - Specifications


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