FARCIMAR dedicates to the production of concrete ready-mixed, precast reinforced and simple investing its sustained development and growth in the following:

Quality of the product
• The improvement and innovation of our products reinforce our relationship, through added values for customers and theorganization;

Full and innovative range of products
• The customer’s necessities mark our ways of thinking and acting;
• Demand for new technologies. We validate and adapt to each case of specific application and produce advantages for the customer.

Availability to exclusivity from product to client
• The customer and its satisfaction are the focal point in the services
provided by our company;

Meeting deadlines
• Meeting our deadlines is our goal, reacting rapidly and being flexible, competent and confident towards the customer’s desires.

Customer loyalty schemes
• We give preference to long-term commercial relationships, thanks to satisfied customers, without disregarding the occasional ones.

Continuous improvement on the eficiency of the Quality Management System
• The company’s policy is assumed as a structural element of the whole Quality Management System. Its formulation and setting for the Quality Management System allow its continuous suitability and efective support to establish the quality objectives.

Collaborators as a factor for success
• Well-trained collaborators bring ideas and technical knowledge to the company’s success;
• Our superiors are an example in their constant performance and knowledge transfer;

Suppliers with Quality
• The Quality of suppliers, of their products and services, also determine the quality of our services and products;
• We take care of relations with our suppliers and privilege the continuity of relationships with mutual benefits.

Compliance with the applicable requirements
• We systematically analyse the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, products and services.
• We assure the customers’ requirements taking into account the compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

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