FARCIMAR considers the environmental liability as the capacity to foresee, minimize, mitigate and compensate any and all environmental risks resulting or coming from its activity.  us,assuming an attitude environmentally responsible has adopted the principles of sustainable development and uses the eco-eficiency as a reference for all the operations, under high standards of environmental management.

In view of a continuous environmental improvement, FARCIMAR maintains the commitment to sustain the use of natural resources, to minimize the environmental impact of their industry unity, to develop and implement eficientpractices of eco-eficiency, as well as monitoring and analysing the environmental performance.

Furthermore since only with the involvement of all collaborators is possible to maintain an eficient environmental policy, FARCIMAR besides the elaboration of an environmental plan, which describes the responsibilities of each in the productive stages, also provides training to their collaborators in order to make them aware of their responsibilities to the environment.

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