During 2013 the Farcimar designed a complete line of urban furniture, with a modern design marked by straight lines, representing a bet of the company on technical and scientific innovation of their productive activity and aims to enter a new market segment with his own Design products.

The urban furniture, line Farc,i is guided by a modern design, based on the basic geometric shape of a cube that develops into shapes with a strong functionality, ergonomics, technically innovative and with respect for the environment and the place where they will be deployed.

The urban furniture line bet is made in a wide palette of colors and their combination with new face finishes (rough, polished, bush-hammered, grooved), creating dynamic and modular parts (tables, benches, drinking fountain, papermaking, boiler trees, and others).

The official launch of the new line of urban furniture took place in the first quarter of 2014 and the first order will allow the installation of a set of equipment in Vale de Cambra Urban Park.

This new leisure space, with a strong environmental component, offers new standards of urbanity and quality to the population, helping to promote a balanced relationship between man and nature being a perfect location for the installation of urban furniture elements of Line Farci.

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