Farcimar, S.A. provided the Grey Concrete Panels with Travertin Texture for the GTM Aquitaine construction project, "Quai de Queyries, Ilot B" located in the Bordeaux region of France.

Part of the Panelling product range, Farcimar S.A. designed and produced Grey Concrete Panels with Travertin Texture for a building located on the right bank of the Garonne River in the center of Bordeaux for the Kaufman & Broad developer.

In total, approximately 1,550m2 of grey concrete panels were supplied with a Travertin (Reckli) texture, 11cm thick and with a maximum height of 2.85m, meaning that these panels had to be transported by lorries with a "lowered platform".
The façade covered with prefabricated textured panels presented a considerable area of openings (doors/windows), which entailed an exhaustive study of the extent of reinforcement and concrete reinforced with polypropylene fibres necessary to control the possible cracking of the panels.

The system of fixing the panels to the support structure was developed by the offices of Structures Sud-Ouest together with the Internal Design and Innovation Department of Farcimar, SA.

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