The requalification of the Pacos de Ferreira Stadium is arguably one of the reference works of the companies of Farcimar group.

This work is in the specialization area of FARCIMAR, S.A. in the structural design and in implementation of precast solutions for stands. The intervention consisted in the implementation of a new building with stands, to north of the playing field and the broadening of the south bench.
The minimalist architecture, evident in this particular project, mainly in the north building, gives a strong impact in the surroundings of the stadium making this building “a big window” facing the center of Pacos Ferreira. This was another proof of the versatility of the bench solutions in precast concrete of Farcimar, S.A.

The constructive solution of Farcimar S.A. has provided the North Bench with 3400 seats, of which about 350 are in cabins and a multipurpose building with 4 floors and a total height near to 20 meters. The South Grandstand was endowed with over 370 seats.

In this imposing new building many precast elements were used such as retaining walls, beams, columns, slabs, steps and walkway bench, and facing panels were applied.

The structural design, the development of the adopted solution and the manufacture of the precast elements was the responsibility of Farcimar, S.A. having its assembly on site been made by Arouconstrói, S.A.

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