In the product line “kerbs for underground containers” and the commitment into an urban furniture line, the opportunity arose Farcimar S.A. company to develop a new family of products for implementing ecological islands.

Completing the urban furniture range, these elements were recently used in Spain and had the objective to equip the urban center of Yebes and Urbanization Valdeluz with environmental infrastructure.

Different parts were grouped around eco-points constituting ecological islands, spread over different streets and thereby giving its residents a larger organization of the deposit waste points and a superior aesthetic image to that previously existed.

This work was reviewed with great interest since the ecological and environmental issue was present. This way, product designed by Farcimar S.A. besides delimiting the space for the eco-points, allows beautification through allowing small garden integration that can be carried in the elements that have flower boxes.

In the work are used four types of modules to form 16 ecological islands of different dimensions, a total of 242 precast pieces assembled by Arouconstrói Spain.

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