After constructing the South Stand of the Engineer Manuel Branco Teixeira Municipal Stadium, the Farcimar Group also completed the Sports Complex of the Grupo Desportivo de Chaves.

The work involved in the construction of the Sports Complex included restructuring the land, which enabled the construction of several construction platforms, two of which were used for the construction of the football pitches and another for the construction of the buildings for the locker rooms and the ticket office.

To ensure the mechanical sustainability of the platforms created by the earthmoving, prefabricated concrete support walls were installed , which in addition to soil containment also enable the installation of the fence around the pitch enclosure and placement of the ball stop net.

The buildings for the team locker rooms and the ticket office have a reinforced concrete structure executed in a traditional manner with PIR sandwich panel roofs.

A support stand with a capacity of approximately 500 spectators was also installed, using prefabricated concrete elements in its construction.

This project also included an underground water reservoir with a capacity of 150m3, using prefabricated elements from Farcimar, specifically "LC" type walls, Panels, Box Culvert and Stairs.

All the infrastructure networks for the water supply, electrical networks, ITED, for the buildings and pitches, as well as their lighting through the installation of lighting towers were included in the construction of the Complex.

The base project for the construction work was designed by Esboços e Riscos - Arquitetos, Lda., which also took over the supervision of the work. The companies of the Farcimar Group were present in the management and execution of this project, with Arouconstroi, S.A. being the Executing Entity and Farcimar, S.A. the supplier of prefabricated concrete solutions.

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