Again the FARCIMAR, SA proved its versatility in the street furniture area, producing and selling banks of white concrete to a recreational area Dunes Beach Resort & Spa in Cape Verde.

Inserted in your area of urban furniture elements production specialization in the concrete FARCIMAR, SA produced a variety of banks characterized by a modern, minimalist design, expressed by its straight shape and its white color.

The white concrete banks were applied in Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, Cape Verde, an amphitheater for shows and parties with accommodation for 800 people.

The combination of different elements made this space very functional hotel and with a higher aesthetic beauty achieved either by the provision of parts and by its white color and its context with the surrounding.

This work and its location are still proof that there is no geographical limit to the use of solutions in precast concrete, because even in the case of elements with slender sections and even some fragility and white concrete that is more delicate, taking appropriate measures for transport is entirely possible.

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